Almas Jabry joins Haute Elan as Beauty Editor from Amsterdam; Beauty Tip: Throw out your brushes!

We’re super pleased to welcome Almas Jabry to our team as beauty editor! Having met and been exposed to a full makeover by the talented Almas earlier this week in Amsterdam we can confirm she is truly an exceptional artist.

Beauty tip: Throw out your brushes and make room for just one sponge.

Brushes, you must at least have a few of them for foundation, contouring, blush..
What if I tell you that one sponge can do all the work, that and it is much more hygienic and effective. A sponge can give you, with most foundations, a light to full coverage. It makes it easy to blend cream and liquid foundation or contour products seamlessly
into your skin, so you won’t see where the lines begin and end.

Using it to properly blend in cream blush is also so easy. It doesn’t stop at cream and fluid products, it also can be used for setting products with powder or blotting during the day.

And not to forget, a sponge does not take a lot of room in your bag and
touching up your makeup will be done in a few seconds. It’s great for when
the product may have set into fine lines after a few hours or so.

They come in triangle shapes and the well known egg shaped Beauty blender,
but they pretty much all do the same job and have the same result: Flawless looking skin.

You can tell I am obsessed.

Shoots by Almas

About Almas

To book Almas contact us at

Almas started out her career as an intern at two of the top fashion magazines: Cosmopolitan and Glamour Magazine. Whilst busy shopping and composing looks for shoots and spreads she realised her true passion was in the artist’s work itself. Since moving to be a trained MUA herself she’s been incredibly successful doing editorial work for brands and fashion stores and shows. Featured in magazines, website of Holland Next topmodel, Editorials for designerstore De Ruilhoek Amsterdam, Fitgirlcode, Jogha womensportsbrand and Vagabond fashion and others. Besides that I also love doing bridal makeup or any special occasion glam.

Haute Elan is the premier destination for luxury modest fashion housing the collections of over 150 designers and boutiques from across the world, uniting women through their common love of fashion and the elegant modest form. Shop the collections now at

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