The First Fully Covered Model Makes History for H&M

With all the revealing clothes coming to the table of fashion, Maria Hidrissi changed the norms, a Muslim, veiled girl who now models for H&M. She modelled as part of the ‘Close the Loop’ campaign.

The campaign has gone viral and done I suppose exactly what the marketing experts behind it likely hoped or perhaps even more than they hoped.

Dressed in an H&M rose pink coat, black palazzo pants, and round framed shades, she stood-up with courage in front of the camera lens with a confident posture sending a significant message that her scarf does not hide her beauty; it reveals her worth. It does not make her any less of a woman; it makes her even more feminine. The stunning Maria also shared pictures on her instagram with simple yet glamorous make up on.

Maria actually managed to surprise everyone who thought that Muslim girls should stay in their homes. She proved that her non-cleavage wear CAN get her honored attention.

I guess this is time for the world to know that covering up doesn’t make you a terrorist. It’s time to know that fashion exists for almost every lady, no matter what her race or religion is. Fashion is fashion. And if anyone fails to understand this, then i have to say, who’s the illiterate here?

We interviewed Maria Hadrissi to hear more.

How did this collaboration come about?

A friend of mine is a scout for models/actors and told me H&M were interested in using me for an ad.

Are you an official model? Or are you an official model for H&M?

No I am neither.

Did you choose style or look?

I had a few different outfits they tried on me and I definitely had an opinion 🙂

How did you feel about the campaign?

I think it is brilliant the way they have delivered the concept of recycling by using diversity to encourage a good cause.

Are you exclusively signed to H&M?


Tell us about you?

I am 23, I recently graduated in English Literature, I currently part own Salon Marrakesh London with my cousins and I’m of a half Moroccan half Pakistani decent.

What would you like to do next?

In regards to modelling I am hoping to do more similar things as I have done with H&M as I can see a bright future for veiled women in mainstream fashion.

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