Angelina and Brad Adopt Syrian Orphan Baby Making Their Beautiful Family of 7

Heartwarming news for all Angelina Jolie fans!

Angelina and Brad opened their hearts once again by extending their family of six when legally adopting Syrian refugee two-year old Moussa.

Angelina has made more than six visits to Syrian refugee camps and has been an eyewitness to the atrocities happening in that sphere of the world. Moussa was found in the care of the refugee camps in Turkey. At the time when Angelina visited camps as part of her responsibility as a Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Moussa and his two brothers had lost their home and the rest of their family during a raid. Their mother had been killed by a bomb, and Syrian soldiers took their father captive. When the translator had explained Moussa’s life story, Angelina was moved to tears. The little boy approached her and gave her a hug in all his childlike innocence. Afterwards Angelina requested for the adoption paper to be arranged, so she took little Moussa to her home.

Accordingly to the Daily Mail at least 70,000 children have lost their fathers and another 3,700 more have lost both parents. It is estimated that approximately four million Syrians has fled to neighbouring countries by The United Nations’ Refugee Agency.

Haute Èlan wants to take the opportunity to congratulate the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for this great news which we love to hear! We wish them all happiness and the best for the coming future.

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One thought on “Angelina and Brad Adopt Syrian Orphan Baby Making Their Beautiful Family of 7

  1. Isn’t it heart wrenching to adopt only one child when there are two siblings that are the only family he has!? It’s noble to adopt but somehow it’s heartbreaking to separate the three boys


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