Emilia Wickstead’s Extraordinary Spring/Summer 2016 collection

A hopeful premonition sashayed down the catwalk at last month’s London Fashion Week in the form of Emilia Wickstead’s Spring / Summer 2016 collection.

With bold prints and demure pastels, each piece announced individuality and favorable pastiche – with formidably elegant futuristic heroines springing to mind; acknowledging the past while looking to the future. Even the models with their barely-there make-up lent a youthful freshness to the promise of the next season.

Her previous experience as a made-to-measure atelier reveals itself in the way the designs kiss the figure in just the right places, a mere hint of the wearer, yet still embodying glamour for every occasion.

Since her first season at LFW in 2012 British-based New Zealander, Emilia, has let her collections tell a story; ultimately unfolding and presenting the intelligently fashionable woman we all want to be.

Time to make space in the wardrobe….

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