Downtown Demure – 60 Seconds with Elizabeth Roy

This week we’re bringing you 60 seconds with Elizabeth Roy.

As a devout Christian, Elizabeth became a woman with a mission when she combined her passion for faith and fashion to start her own modest fashion blog, Downtown Demure.

With a girl-next-door attitude, Elizabeth’s blog presents effortless glamour and chic.  Feeling misrepresented in the ever-growing modest fashion world, she couples advice on how to look good and look to God and spirituality for strength; effortlessly fulfilling her mission to bring more depth to what can often be seen as a frivolous industry.

We wanted to find out more…

 How would you describe yourself?

I’m a twenty-something Los Angeles native who loves the East Coast (I lived there for 8 years). Ever since I was 13, I’ve had an undeniable passion for fashion and style. I love to use clothes to express myself. I currently work in the finance industry, so my blog serves as my creative outlet.

 Tell us about your blog?

Downtown Demure is a blog about modest fashion and faith. While the emphasis is on fashion and helping women develop their personal style (I’m currently running a STYLE 101 series to do just that), I also want to use my blog as a platform for sharing my faith. My faith is THE reason I dress modestly; it’s very important for me to share my beliefs with readers. I don’t want my blog to focus exclusively on clothing.

What led you to blog about modest style and fashion and what do you find inspiring about blogging?

I started blogging after following other modest blogs for a year or so. I noticed that I didn’t see a lot of women who looked like me, and most of the bloggers had personal styles that were very different from mine. I respect what they did and what they stand for, but I couldn’t connect with their styles. So I created my blog to show women a different approach to dressing modestly in a modern and stylish way.

 Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

It’s currently a very demanding but fulfilling hobby. I do earn a modest income through my blog and receive gifts from companies, but I do not blog full time. I have a full-time job that supports my blogging habits.

 Do you have a favourite designer? 

Dolce and Gabbana, hands down! They continue to create gorgeous, vintage-inspired yet wholly modern dresses with an Italian flair I wish I had. And many of their dresses are modest!

 What is your favourite trend for Fall / Winter 2015?

I’m actually loving the return of polished 70’s style, and the accompanying resurgence of rich colors, detailing, and textures from that era (e.g. suede, fringe, harvest gold, etc.) My favorite look right now is flowy maxi and mid dresses paired with suede over-the-knee high boots.

  Describe your personal style?

Effortlessly feminine and polished with hints of edginess and unexpected details. I’m naturally drawn to classic dress silhouettes and demure clothing, but I like to incorporate modern and slightly edgy elements to make my outfits more interesting. I also have a serious thing for anything with leopard print. I try to incorporate leopard into as many outfits as possible (it is a neutral after all).

Who is your style icon?

Olivia Palermo. She is the QUEEN of colorful, polished style, and she knows how to work trends and different styles into magical outfits.

 Do you have any fashion rules when putting together an outfit?

First and foremost, the clothing has to fit well for my body. I actually wrote a post explaining why proper fit is my #1 rule for putting together an outfit. After that, I tend to follow my gut and wear whatever I feel most comfortable or beautiful in. I also like to follow the classic third piece rule: Start with a top and bottom (those are the first and second pieces), and then add nuance to your outfit by adding an interesting third piece (vest, blazer, statement necklace, etc.). That trick hasn’t failed me yet!

 Any tips for anyone wanting to start a fashion blog or website?

I actually have two tips for new fashion bloggers and content creators:

1) Stand for something other than fashion and beautiful clothes. There are enough sites out there that ably showcase beautiful clothing on the runway and on the streets. We need more fashion blogs with substance written by real, stylish women with hearts of gold.

2) Give every single post and photo shoot your all. You never know who will stumble upon your photos on your blog or Instagram. I’ve received so many incredible and unexpected blessings because someone from a brand or a major publication randomly found my photos on Instagram or Pinterest.

What changes would you like to see in the modest fashion industry?

I’m elated to see that the modest fashion market has exploded globally. I would love to see fashion retailers show more love for us modest fashionistas in the States. The Kardashian effect is still very real over here, and it’s (sadly) still too difficult to find modest clothes.

Below, Elizabeth puts together her style choices for a unique HAUTE ÉLAN look:

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