60 Seconds with Modest Fashion Blogger: Shereen Kassir

There’s more to this week’s 60 seconds with.. interviewee, Shereen Kassir, than meets the eye. A dedicated optometrist by day and inspirational modest fashion blogger by night, she aims to break barriers, confront convention and give young women a fresh vision for the future. As an optometry student she raised funds for an optometry school in Malawi and mentored first year students, placing the same enthusiasm in her blogs this Australian modest-fashion pioneer aims to help society see the world the way her mother taught her to; with no limit in sight

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a passionate eye doctor by day, and a fashion enthusiast at heart, who aims to break stereotypes by sharing fashion inspiration and stories. I graduated as an optometrist in early 2015. As much as I love working in private practice – just like any other job – it can get stressful at times, so I began blogging as my personal outlet. Soon enough, it became my motivator and something that I look forward to everyday.

Wearing the hijab and covering up was a choice I made as a young girl, but the clothing industry didn’t seem to cater for this choice. So as a teenager I had to occasionally plan my outfits and resort to layering, mixing and matching short skirts with pants, and split dresses with an undergarment. It could take weeks to shop for a complete outfit. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who had to go through this. It was difficult, and I wish I’d had some inspiration at the time.

I’ve always loved fashion and I would sketch long sleeved outfits as a young teenager.

Modest fashion soon became a hobby, I got better with experience, and loved styling. I would receive positive comments about my outfits everywhere I went. Some parents would even ask me to have a chat with their daughter who just recently wore the hijab for encouragement and styling tips. So I want to send a message to all young girls out there who choose to cover up- whether you wear the hijab or not- you could be covered head to toe and still look awesome and be a fashion icon! 

What’s your signature style?

My signature style is simplicity featuring the colour white. I love wearing white- it is elegant, timeless, pure, and represents power. I am also a lover of pointed heels; they feature a lot in my blog.

Tell us about your blog.

I chose the title tales and veils for my blog because I want to tell stories (tales) by wearing the hijab (veil). I want to share inspiration, my story & other people’s stories, through my lens. There are so many misconceptions about wearing a hijab, especially in western countries like Australia where I live. I often get asked why I wear the hijab, and if it gets in my way of achieving my goals. So ‘tales and veils’ was my idea to bridge the gap between women who wear the hijab and women who don’t and those from all walks of life. I aim to inspire women who wear the hijab, make others see the hijab for its beauty, and promote harmony regardless of our differences by breaking stereotypes and misconceptions.

What topics do you care about?

  • Women’s equality and breaking stereotypes in the workplace: I grew up watching my mother, who is a civil engineer, attend construction sites and defy all those who told her it was a man’s job. She is my idol.
  • Bridging the gap between different cultures: I think if we all got to know each other a bit more, and learn about each other, we will realise we have more similarities than differences.

Moving to Shereen’s favourite Haute Élan outfit look, so beautiful indeed.

[shopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/products/maciej-zabawa-c12%5D %5Bshopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/elan-bijoux/products/stingray-leather-double-wrap-bracelet-vieux-rose%5D %5Bshopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/elan-bijoux/products/stingray-leather-stud-earrings-14%5D %5Bshopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/products/the-wallis-culotte-driftwood%5D

Finally, a beauty tip by Shereen “People often ask me about my skin care regime. I used to have lots of acne as a teenager, so I learned to follow a skin care regime that suits me. Keep in mind each person’s skin is different. I have chosen to talk about face exfoliation today. I cannot stress enough the importance of exfoliation. I exfoliate my skin twice a week using ‘Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel’

And I have found it to be the best home exfoliation product, you can see the dead skin rolling up and sloughing off leaving your skin smooth and fresh afterwards”.

Haute Elan is the premier destination for luxury modest fashion housing the collections of over 150 designers and boutiques from across the world, uniting women through their common love of fashion and the elegant modest form. Shop the collections now at www.haute-elan.com.

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