Smart eating at work

Desk-top calories: Smart eating at work

According to doctors sitting is the new smoking, at work this can also lead to extra calories being consumed through careless snacking and rushed meal choices. Here are some suggestions to help make work a healthier place to be, keeping the weight off while you’re there.

D-I-Y Lunch:

– A high protein, low carbohydrate lunch with plenty of veg is a sure fire way of maintaining good blood sugar balance, keeping you fuller for longer and less lethargic and therefore less likely to reach for that chocolate bar for a quick sugar boost.

– Make lunch a fun and organized affair treat yourself to a new lunch box, healthy snacks and a large bottle to maintain hydration.

– Try to prepare your lunch the night before, so you don’t just grab the same meal each day in your rush.

Celebration Strategy:

– When going out to a special occasion try to obtain the menu beforehand so you can mentally select the healthier options.  That way you create a goal you won’t feel the need to forfeit just because you feel pressured at the table to choose in a hurry.

Snack attack:

– Make most of your snack choices consist of fruits and vegetables instead of the usual crisps and chocolate..

– When choosing something a little more indulgent, try to limit the calorie intake to 200.

Sweet surrender:

– Try to avoid vending machines or boxes of sweets or chocolates that are passed around the office.

– Politely turn down a piece of cake from the office colleague celebrating their birthday.

Hydration station:

– People often confuse thirst for hunger, so when you feel a little puckish reach, instead, for the water bottle.  Aim to have around 8 glasses a day.

– The post-lunch slump can also be your body’s cry for water, drinking hydrationg fluids at this time of day can help keep you refreshed and alert.

– Sugary drinks should be avoided as they will give you a false life only to make you slump again shortly after.

Remove temptation:

– Plan ahead and arm yourself with healthy snacks for the week ahead that you can take with you and place in your snack drawer.

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