RABANI & RAKHA new launch at Haute Elan

“Rabani” – the brain child of husband & wife duo Rahul and Shibani Rastogi, both graduates from the Shri Ram College of Commerce, began its artistic conduit in 1999. Inspired by their love for design Rahul & Shibani built the label into an innovative design house, an entity sought after in the finest boutiques in India and around the world.

Enter Gautam Rakha – a graduate from the Shri Ram College of Commerce and a Diploma holder from NIFT, New Delhi – and the equation for “Rabani & Rakha” benefitted immensely completing the creative circle by an complimenting 2001.

Having won the ‘Prix`d Indiction’ award in Paris and armed with creative expertise & skills learnt at the design studio of Tarun Tahiliani, Gautam’s exposure to a diverse list of clientele further provided the knowledge required to understand the path required to propel the label towards the right direction in terms of look and presence.

Rahul and Shibani’s detailed and comprehensive understanding of embroideries aptly complimented the talent of Gautam Rakha – accentuating the creative mélange that is”.“Rabani & Rakha”.

[shopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/rabani-rakha/products/copy-of-copy-of-rr-12552%5D%5Bshopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/rabani-rakha/products/copy-of-rr-13871%5D%5Bshopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/rabani-rakha/products/copy-of-rr-13866%5D%5Bshopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/rabani-rakha/products/copy-of-rr-13851%5D%5Bshopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/rabani-rakha/products/copy-of-rr-13460%5D

Haute Elan is the premier destination for luxury modest fashion housing the collections of over 150 designers and boutiques from across the world, uniting women through their common love of fashion and the elegant modest form. Shop the collections now at www.haute-elan.com.

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