Changing the high street with “Aab Winter collections”

For women in search of versatile, stylish and most importantly modest clothing, Aab is the place to go. Based in London’s busy Green Street, modern Muslim women are finding new ways to look good whilst withholding modest codes.

Aab’s Autumn/winter collection brings you a mix of styles that are modern yet comfortable.

By pairing Aab’s oversized grey simple hoodie with Aab’s light blue stone washed ankle grip jeans gives you, a casual and light look. Complete the look with a pair trainers perfect for the autumn.

Aab infuses unique mixtures of Western and Eastern influences to create Aab’s long shirt dresses and trouser combos.

Match Aab’s beautiful striped nautical shirt with the toned white and black hijab or the draped trench with gold buttoned trousers. Finish this look with a classic black court shoe or flats.

Make a difference with Aab’s contemporary baby blue denim Kimono with a classic pair of nude pointed heels.

Aab plays neutral with its brown and black palette- high rise Abaya and dark washed denim trousers.

Turn heads at any special occasion with Aab’s black and golf chiffon hijab and Neroli abaya. This beautiful black Abaya has gold detailing, on the front and back to add a simple yet elegant look to any event.

Cool yet sophisticated, Aab’s charcoal batwing cardigan adds comfort to any autumnal outfit. Paired with pair of trainers adds extra comfort especially if you’re on the move.

By: Naseema Khanom

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