Our Woman in focus …Kate Middleton

As being a mother of two and attending official royal duties is not keeping Kate Middleton busy enough but according to reports The Duchess is launching her very own organic food range with her sister Pippa.

The sisters are both great cooks that love to try out recipes together and have finally decided to turn their hobby into an enterprise. Kate has reportedly been feeding her children, especially princess Charlotte with pureed fruit, vegetables and smoothies all organically grown in their Norfolk country home. Earlier this year Pippa has taken food nutrition courses in New York and has helped Kate to design tasty recipes for her niece and nephew.

The sisters’ mutual passion for cooking and healthy lifestyle has lead them to start their own organic food company catering food for the whole family including baby foods and grow-it-your-own vegetable kits.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a source revealed: ‘It’s a concept for now but it will happen just give it 18 months or so.’

Original article from “marieclaire.co.uk”

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