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Born  in  1986  &  1990  respectively,  Hanan  and  Hessa  Ozair the  young  Emirati  design entrepreneurs behind the Dubai based independent fashion brand, POSE/ARAZZI, have always had a vision of fashion being their career destination. Having  been  raised  in  Dubai the  Middle  East’s  most  cosmopolitan  and  culturally diverse  city,  allowed  Hanan  and  Hessa  to  appreciate  fashion  from  many  different standpoints, as well as realise what they wanted for a fashion brand in a city that boasts style and class at almost every corner.

Having learnt their business acumen in the University of Dubai, both graduating with a Bachelor of Business Management; channelling their creative energies and ideas into an independent fashion label was a natural step forthese women.

Ambitious  to  deepen  their  knowledge  and  area  of  expertise,  both  ladies  enrolled  in courses from the prestigious and world renowned London College of Fashion. As well as gaining insight from fashion industry experts, the designers expand their knowledge, as well  as  their  inspirations,  through  simple  daily  activities  and  surrounding  the selves amongst creatives and contemporaries who enrich and inspire them.Transforming   their   innate   love   for   fashion,   design   and   details   into   an   inspiring, independent fashion brand is Hanan’s and Hessa’s destiny.


Launched  in  2014,  POSE/ARAZZI  is  a  crafted  fashion  brand  that  understands  the difference between fashion and style. Cementing a strong vision since its inception, this Dubai based  independent  fashion  label  presents  an  aesthetic  that  offers  timeless designs without compromising a strong creative message.

Drawing  inspirations  from  art,  architecture,  the  environment  and  subcultures  of  the aforementioned, POSE/ARAZZI simultaneously combines design aspects from east and west  while  leading  a unique  brand  message  through  its  use  of  shapes,  fabrics  and details.

Breaking  the  mold  with  their  inimitable  strategy,  POSE/ARAZZI  creates  ready to wear collections   as   well   as   bespoke,   made to measure   creations   for   its   elite   fashion conscious  clients.

An approach  that  aims  to  maintain  exceptionally  high  standards  of craftsmanship  and  quality,  the  brand  focuses  on  its  unique  offering  of  limited edition pieces of each design.

Understanding the uniqueness of a creation and offering a client an exclusive range of designs, POSE/ARAZZI takes pride in producing only five limited edition pieces of each design  to  ensure  that  the  use  of  exceptional  fabrics,  trimmings  and  details,  as  well  as their creative design process, is maintained at the highest standard.

Another sign of their creativity is in the brand’s name: POSE/ARAZZI. A unique moniker that  combines  the  concept  of  posing  and  presenting  a  fashionable  offering  to  an endless stream of flashing light bulbs; it reflects the brand’s elite clients and their desire to showcase head turning style.

Not  only  is  the  Dubai based  brand  focused  on  designing  pieces  that  feature  ethereal details,   luxury   fabrics,   as   well   as   quality   craftsmanship;   POSE/ARAZZI   crafted masterpieces aim to empower those who wear the designs by allowing the individuals to embrace their own unique characters and personalities, and display them through their own style.

Individuality and uniqueness, in both design and service, are elements at the core of this brand.

the brand aesthetic:

•  Sparse emptiness.

•  Monochromatic black on white.

•  The predominance of white space.

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