Ana Katarina’s premiere collection

Emerging for Spring 2016, Ana Katarina’s premiere collection transcends the category of fine jewelry. Hers are stunning personal signatures, future heirlooms worn on everyday occasions.

In a nod to the iconic novella and Velvet Underground song, the ‘Venus in Furs’ collection taps into the feminine mystique; the duality of seductive and demure. Rich in its metals and stones, Ana uses 18K gold coupled with opals in shades of blue, pink and orange, and a kaleidoscope of yellow, black, white and blue/green diamonds. Inspired by the exotic and the everyday, one quickly recognizes lyrical influences in the curvature of her rings. “I listened to Jun Miyake’s Lillies of the Valley incessantly while I designed. It’s this effervescent blend of staccato and jazz, but it retains a hypnotizing elegance in its baseline.”  Like this distinct melody, her statement pieces are bursting with refinement and whimsy. A serpentine ring inlaid with diamonds, earrings that sensually outstretch to three points along the ear, and a dramatic jeweled two-finger ring that demands to be noticed for its opulence.

With an established reputation designing for high-end private clients across the globe, Ana has curated an exquisite collection crafted by master jewelers in the United States. She is committed to sourcing recycled, fair-trade, and precious materials; utilizing the majority of her diamonds from reclaimed and conflict free resources.  A member of Ethical Metalsmiths and the American Gem Trade Association, Ana passionately supports ethical and sustainable practices in the making of her collections.

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