60 seconds with Amo

Who or what inspired you to start AMO?

 “AMO means in Italian I love and it’s because of love that it all started. As a professional horse back rider and trainer, during an international competition in Syria, I met a wonderful Egyptian man, Diaa, with whom I got married in 2009 and today is my first fan and main supporter. As an Italian woman living in Saudi Arabia, I experienced a new life style and I had some problems to find on the market Abayas and cover-ups that could fit my busy schedule and be comfortable throughout all my daily activities. Being Italian and loving nice clothing, I thought of creating a new product that could embody my idea of merging quality, comfort and modesty.”

What has been the hardest thing you have experienced starting up your business? 

“The new concept of transformable abayas, sport modest wear or hoods with hair lock, could be very different compared to the ongoing fashion trends in Modest fashion. The closure of many retailers,influencers,partners towards our avant-garde ideas was certanily one of the hardest things I experienced. The process took a long time and lots of trials before we decided to put it on the market. “

What has been the most rewarding? 

“To be able to put the Italian manufacture at the service of Modest Fashion. I aimed to the highest quality available. My abayas fit many different kinds of bodies, shapes and needs and each woman can approach the concept of modesty in her own personal and stylish way.”

Where would you like to see yourself and AMO in five years time? 

“My dream is to see not only Arab women, but women from all countries wear AMO. As a matter of fact, our company is planning to be present not only at the Arab fashion shows but also on the European runways. We’d like to open a global chain of our own stores with our new abayas and branded accessories, such as perfumes and bags. In my personal opinion Modesty is not only a fashion value, but it applies to all aspects of our life. I like to think that we can increase its  value as a common value throughout all cultures.

What is the key difference between your range and other abaya ranges?

“AMO is the first Italian Modest Fashion label entirely made in Italy, from the fabrics to the accessories. Design and style come from an Italian with an Arabian heart, who’s convinced that there is no luxury without comfort. That’s why elegance, quality and comfort are guaranteed in our abayas, which also include a sport line suitable for traveling and light sport activities with durable zippers, stretchy fabrics and hoods. You can even go jog in our Abayas! “

[shopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/amo/products/tb002%5D%5Bshopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/amo/products/hv001a%5D%5Bshopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/amo/products/c002b%5D

Haute Elan is the premier destination for luxury modest fashion housing the collections of over 150 designers and boutiques from across the world, uniting women through their common love of fashion and the elegant modest form. Shop the collections now at www.haute-elan.com.

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