AURORA BAILEY new launch at Haute Élan

Artist and jewelry designer Aurora Diaz Bailey is inspired by what nature has already created. through the unique compositions of precious and semi-precious stones, aurora bailey jewelry reinterprets the natural beauty of rocks. Aurora’s collection is a textural exploration of humanity’s most essential matter, sourcing different rutilated crystals and experimenting with techniques of molding gold and silver. The Aurora Bailey woman is kinetic. She is driven by her curiosity and elegant open mindedness. She connects with objects she possesses intellectually. The Aurora Bailey jewelry collection represents the synthesis between uncompromising luxury and the innate longing for the natural. Born and … Continue reading AURORA BAILEY new launch at Haute Élan

Orange Blossom new launch at Haute Élan

Orange Blossom recreated the ordinary abaya to fit a generation that is attracted to life, love, expression,sentiment, comfort, independence and most of all a customized experience. Orange blossom hopes to globalize their brand across modest working women that tend to utilize their abaya on a daily basis and hope for a sharp but still a fashionable impression. Clients can identify themselves with an Orange Blossom Abaya as we are a client built company, believe to be founded by the client and catering to the client. [shopify product = product = product = product =   Haute … Continue reading Orange Blossom new launch at Haute Élan