Backstage with Barjis

Haute Arabia were at the Barjis tea party in the Swarovski lounge celebrating Barjis’ new scarf diffusion line ”B. by Barjis” as well as viewing their collection from London Fashion week. Seeing the collection in real life was very different from seeing it online as it accentuated the high quality of the luxurious fabrics used and we particularly adored the intricate attention to detail. Barjis uses swarovski crystals for many of her designs, therefore the event was held at the elegant swarovski lounge in Malborough street, London. Barjis Chohan is the founder of the brand and her debut was in … Continue reading Backstage with Barjis

Redefining Elegance | Taly Fashion

Haute arabia’s brand ambassador Khadijah Shafiq speaks with the entrepreneurial duo – Najla-Al-Gahtani and Noor-Al-Mansoori of Talyfashion, who teamed up and fused their individual creative styles to create a dynamic combination of detail, luxury and tailoring within their eponymous label. Khadija (HA): Najla Al Gahtani, you graduated in interior designing and Noor al Mansoori is a media person and here you both are in Fashion arena. Apparently the changeover seems irrelevant to what you studied, yet success has been generous in coming your way. Please share with our viewers how this came about? Najla: Nothing can draw you to fashion, … Continue reading Redefining Elegance | Taly Fashion

Elegance Multiplied with Creativity | Charmaleena Fine Jewellery

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” If George Eliot were here these are the words I would imagine he would describe Chamaleena with. Precious materials and traditional techniques hybrid with the innovative, transporting jewelry towards new scenarios, languages and markets. The proof is in their Ca-love and Sword Collections recently presented at the International Fashion Jewellery Exhibition in Jeddah. Audacious use of remarkable materials glitter in the imagination, whilst the sensuous shapes embrace the wearer’s form. These elements, harmoniously combined, vividly illuminate Charmaleena’s expertise in their craft. So where did it all … Continue reading Elegance Multiplied with Creativity | Charmaleena Fine Jewellery

Talking Fashion, Inspiration and Aspiration | Sahar Madani

Growing up in the United States of America and hailing from Saudi Arabia, Sahar Madani who was surrounded with art all her life combined her knowledge and taste of the two worlds and brought in a completely new style of abaya designs. Talking to Sahar, I realised she was a lady who carved herself as a symbol of success and a role model to women all over the world being a loving mother, a generous-hearted socialite and not to mention, a talented designer. Khansa (HA):   Please tell us a bit about your background  Sahar:  I am originally from Al Madinah … Continue reading Talking Fashion, Inspiration and Aspiration | Sahar Madani

Ruling the Abaya Trend| Queen of Spades

If you are wearing Lamya’s creation you are  most likely to be the only one in your city to own a piece of such glamour. Lamya Abedin, gives  abayas a creative exuberance through her collections for Queen of Spades.  Lamya Abedin started designing abayas as a passion while searching for a special abaya for herself in Dubai and because she wasn’t able to find that “One-of-a-Kind” piece she decided to create her own line of abayas- all individual pieces of creativity and exclusivity which have even reached the New York Fashion Week. I got to interview Lamya Abedin and found a … Continue reading Ruling the Abaya Trend| Queen of Spades

Dareen Hakim collection – Dream come true

The Dareen Hakim Collection was a dream that manifested itself in New York City.Founded by Dareen Hakim after deciding to leave the corporate world of work, where she managed super beauty brands L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline, she decided to pursue her lifelong ambition of following her passion in fashion and accessories. Distinctively unique, bold and unexpected, this line of beautifully crafted handbags and clutches ,has created a buzz in the fashion scene, as the fashion accessory to have. Gathering celebrity followings, from Eva Longoria to gracing the pages of the most notable fashion magazines; Vogue ,Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia, it’s … Continue reading Dareen Hakim collection – Dream come true

One-of-a-Kind Designs | Bleach

Featured on Haute Arabia today is ‘Bleach’, an abaya influenced brand; Established to express the many roles of a modern woman – the brand is one that has is bleaching the boundaries between convention, style and modern practicality. The Capsule 12/13 collection includes an array of styles including head turning Abayas as well as the designer’s signature Mix-and- Match, Two-Pieces. Bleach is designed by Emirati Designer Badreya Al-A. Having spent years living in the UK, Italy and Spain broadening her skills in all genres of art dear to her, her designs have ever since been noted for their minimalist, eccentric and innovative style. Khansa (HA): Tell us about … Continue reading One-of-a-Kind Designs | Bleach

The Talk behind the Name and Fame | Roselle

Roselle is an Emirati luxury fashion label founded by couturiers Abeer Al Darwish and Maha Al Qattan. From couture to prêt-à-porter women’s clothing, each piece designed by Roselle is an expression of subtle luxury and elegant culture, made from exclusive high-end fabric with specific attention to detail using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. On behalf of Haute Arabia, I had the chance to interview Miss Maha Al Qattan… Khansa (HA):  Hello Maha! Welcome to Haute Arabia, please tell us a bit about yourself Maha: I am an Emirati fashion designer and Creative Director of Emirati luxury fashion label Roselle, born and raised … Continue reading The Talk behind the Name and Fame | Roselle

Stories Narrated a New Way | The Great Gatsby by Rami Al Ali

Rami is a self-made man who has not only seen it all in the fashion sector but have scaled the grander heights with his skills and techniques. His inspirations are grandly related to history yet his designs are those that metamorphose through his ingenuity in modern fabrics and avant garde techniques in his latest collection. Haute Arabia gets to talk to the great talent and here is what he had to say about his name and fame. Khansa (HA): Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background? Rami: I was originally born in Syria, … Continue reading Stories Narrated a New Way | The Great Gatsby by Rami Al Ali